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Sony PlayStation E3 2011

Sony PlayStation E3 2011, a set on Flickr.

David O. Russell Leaves ‘Uncharted’ Movie

Fans of the PlayStation 3 exclusive series ‘Uncharted’ will breath a sigh of relief as David O. Russell, the acclaimed director has left the project, leaving Sony Pictures to look else place if they want to continue with the project. It was just under a year ago that the director and Sony announced their collaboration to bring the Uncharted franchise to the silver screen. Though it’s not everyday when a highly praised director like Russell will come onto a video game adaption, fans soon soured as they found that long time partner of Russell, Mark Wahlberg would be set to play the games hero, Nathan Drake.

Furthermore, it seemed that Russell did not want to play to the source material and instead had an idea about a family of thieves who would go on a great adventure together. Later on, it was reported that the director also wanted to bring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci onto the project. Though never confirmed, it was believed that Robert De Niro would play Sully while Joe Pesci was either to be an uncle or the villain.

Despite being a respected director who was willing to bring big time actors to the film, many fans were understandably upset by the directors choice to throw out the nature of the story and not cast the fan favorite, Nathan Fillion. Now with David O. Russell out, many expect that Mark Wahlberg will also leave the project which begs the question, will the film continue at Sony Pictures or will the process start all over again? Regardless of that outcome, it seems like fans will be happy to hear that the video game adaption will be going a different route in the future.

[Via Deadline]

Sony Announces New Ultraportable VAIO SA

Are you in need of an ultraportable and powerful laptop that can have 15 hours of battery lifetime? Yea, so are we and thankfully, Sony has the cure. Meet the Sony VAIO SA, an ultraportable 13.3-inch magnesium-and-alloy chassis laptop. Despite being only 0.95 inches thick, the VAIO SA packs some serious power with,

  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • AMD Radeon HD 6630 graphics and 1GB of video memory
  • 1600 x 900 resolution
  • LED Backlit Keyboard
  • Intel Wireless Display 2.0 (for video streaming to your television)
  • Mic/Camera with Face Tracking and Exmor Sensor  (allows the camera to automatically adjust focus and follow you as you move around while video chatting.)
  • 500GB hard drive
  • Fingerprint reader (perfect for those who want a little extra security)
  • Blu-ray drive (reader and writer)
For those who want a little more out of their VAIO SA, Sony will allow you to custom order one with a dual channel solid-state drive which if combined with their sheet battery upgrade ($150), will let you achieve 15 hours of battery lifetime. The SA series start around $1,350 and will be available this June.
As always, hit the jump for the official press release and more pictures. What do you guys think? Do you fancy smaller more powerful laptops or do you prefer a larger screen with all that power?
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Sony Alpha A850 Officially Discontinued

Fans of the Sony Alpha A850 need to act fast if they want to snatch up the remaining stocks of the now discontinued camera. As Sony removes these models from their online store and begins to prepare for upcoming models, you can bet that you will find some nice prices on the A800 series. Rumors also have it that the Alpha A900 will take a drop in price to $2,000 down $700.

Sony Ericsson’s Canadian Store Hacked, 2,000+ Account Data Taken

We hate to be right on the subject matter but it is indeed another day and another Sony website has been hacked. This time, it’s Sony Ericsson’s Canadian store that has seen intruders illegally break in and steal customer information. More than  2,000 Canadian Eshop customers data were taken this but again, just like the previous attack, there is good news. Sony has stated that customer passwords were all encrypted, thus making them useless to the culprits and no credit card data was accessed. As Naked Security put it in our last article:

when this is over, Sony may end up being one of the most secure web assets on the net.

I think it’s important to note with all these hackings is that Sony is not the party to blame and instead, the real anger should be towards those who are stealing your information. As I wrote an extensive piece on this before, no matter how you view the company, it’s in their best interest to have events like this not occur but at the end of the day, the criminals are the hackers.

[Via BBC]

The Sony Netbox Features, Rapped

Ever wonder what would happen if the hip hop world made it into the corporate electronic world? Besides the fact that your great grandparents might get scared, there would also be no more mundane product videos that go over the features. But one man in UK didn’t just wonder this, he made it happen. All with composite cables and a tube TV. Checkout the features of the Sony Nebox, rapped out for you to some classic MJ.

Thom Hogan Praises Sony’s DSLR Strategy, Warns Canon and Nikon

It’s no secret that Sony has been making strides in the camera world. Expanding their ever growing lineup of pocket sized camera, the Cybershots and their DSLR and Hybrids with the Alpha and NEX series, Sony has gone to hold the worlds second largest camera market share while closing in on Canon for the number one spot. Now respect camera writer and Nikon fan, Thom Hogan is giving his input on the DSLR race and his got some strong words for Canon and Nikon while praising Sony.

Sony: most interesting strategies (yes plural) of the bunch. On the Alpha side went for very different technologies (e.g. pellicle mirror), which took awhile to get settled, but has clear benefits long-term. Also has been shoring up and improving dealer network here in the US, giving them a potentially significant advantage over the other players, above. Has been aggressive on price with the Alphas (some of which is happening with the dealer), and appears to be about to get more aggressive. Meanwhile, they’ve made NEX into a potentially serious mount (it currently extends from a low-end mirrorless model to a highly professional video camera). Too bad they don’t have the lenses to back it up yet. Status: making progress on all fronts, and Canon and Nikon need to be especially wary of this competitor. Forecast: one weakness is still not having all the right lenses. This blunted sales of both the full frame Alphas as well as NEX models. Even the Alpha is missing a few key lenses if it wants to tackle the high-end Canons and Nikons well. Rumors show progress on this front, but it needs to happen faster. Other weakness is in marketing. The dual strategy makes a strong cohesive “why Sony cameras matter” message very necessary.

Thom goes on to point out that Nikon and Canon continue to “pursue their old strategies: entry to pro DSLR lineups, iterated regularly, moved upscale in features and performance with each generation.” When you step back and look at my tech companies and tech sectors, he couldn’t be more right. Not many tech companies are willing or able to break the mold, instead offering an improved model the year after and the year after that. In some ways, you cannot blame them as the strategy is a safe bet for the company and investors but then you look at Sony in this case and see that they are willing to take some risks and bend some rules which is starting to pay off. Still, no one can seem to do it better then Apple.

I hate to keep using Apple as an example, but they’ve been the best available one in high tech for a long time now: strong product definition that creates new categories and quickly dominates them; effective and ubiquitous advertising and marketing; best-in-business customer support (not a very high bar); consistency in design and message; creation of ecosystems around their products. Now take that list and see how many camera companies manage any of those things. No wonder DSLR sales have peaked. No end in sight for the roller coaster ride, though we’re coming up on a big drop.

This is my exact sentiment and one that I’ve pointed out on multiple times on the site. Sony is in the perfect position to offer a cohesive product offering for the consumer, seeing how the company offers a product in almost every category and market. However, due to the size of them, the company seems to be working with multiple agencies which offers a broken down vision of the company and not a straight forward message. Throw into the mix that Sony doesn’t have a large stockpile of cash in their reservers and you can start to get a better picture why the company doesn’t advertise as much as it should. However, if the company can get their act together and start battling the likes of Apple, Nikon, and Microsoft with better advertising, Sony is really poised to gain a considerable market share in both the DSLR segment and others.

[Via Bythom]

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